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If laughing or coughing is causing unexpected urine leaks, it’s important to schedule an evaluation of your bladder functionality. Ayman Tarabishy, MD, offers convenient in-office testing option for incontinence at Enhance Center in Livonia, Michigan, to better understand the cause of your incontinence issues. He creates an individual treatment plan with a goal to reduce the number of leaks you experience and help you maintain healthy bladder control. Learn more about treating incontinence by calling the office or book an appointment online today.


What is incontinence?

Incontinence is a condition where you don’t have proper control of your bladder, resulting in frequent leaks of urine. While the condition is common as you age, it can also occur because of underlying medical conditions, such as infections and neurological disorders.

There are several types of incontinence, including:

Stress Incontinence

If you suffer from stress incontinence, urine leaks due to pressure on the bladder from sneezing or laughing.

Urge Incontinence

If you suffer from urge incontinence, the sudden urge to urinate can lead to urine leaks when you can’t make it to the bathroom in time.

Overflow Incontinence

In overflow incontinence, you experience frequent leaks of urine due to the bladder not emptying completely.

You may also have mixed incontinence, a situation where you experience urine leaks due to one or more factors.

What are the risk factors for incontinence?

Your bladder may weaken as you age, resulting in frequent urine leaks. You may also be at increased risk for incontinence issues if you’re:

  • Female
  • Overweight
  • Have a chronic disease
  • Are or have been pregnant

If you’re a smoker or have a family history of incontinence, your risks for incontinence may increase.

How is incontinence diagnosed?

To determine the cause of your incontinence, you may need to undergo Urodynamic testing. This type of testing helps identify the underlying causes of incontinence.

For some, an ultrasound can give Dr. Tarabishy a closer look at your bladder and urinary tract to identify structural abnormalities.

We work closely with board certified neuro-urologist to best diagnose and treat your condition.

What treatments are available for incontinence?

Treatment options for incontinence depend on the root cause of your condition. Dr. Tarabishy offers several options for reducing the frequency and severity of your urine leaks and uses a custom treatment plan to address your specific need especially for neurogenic bladder conditions.

Botox® injections are one treatment option that can help address overactive bladder issues that cause frequent leaks of urine.

You may also benefit from a nerve stimulator treatment, which uses a device to deliver painless impulses of electricity to the nerves that control your bladder. This type of treatment may be most beneficial if you suffer from symptoms of urge incontinence.

Wireless Peripheral stimulation of the posterior tibial nerve offers much safer, cheaper, less invasive and as effective as implantable sacral spine bladder stimulators, while avoiding complications of implantable batteries, lead migration, stimulation fatigue, MRI incompatibilities and other complications associated with bladder stimulators.

If you’re tired of the embarrassment urine leaks cause, schedule your consultation today by phone or using the online booking feature.