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Enhance Center

Interventional Pain Management and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Located in Livonia, MI & Clinton Township, MI
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Advanced Medicine Treatment

Utilizing prolotherapy and other therapies to improve and speed up tissue recovery and enhance healing processes.

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Advanced Headache Treatment

Multimodal approach including homeopathic, medications, triggers elimination, interventional nerve blocks and ablations (including trigeminal) , botulinum toxin, psychotherapy.

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Spine Disorders

From therapy plans, Epidural injections, Facet blocks and rhizotomies to spinal cord stimulators, endoscopic rhizotomy and discectomies, MILD procedure, Intracept Procedure, Spinous processes spacers and pain pumps.

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We utilize the latest technology, best equipment and various techniques to make this testing as tolerable and painless as possible.

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Spinal cord stimulators, DRG stimulators, peripheral nerve stimulators, pulsed RFTC, intrathecal pain pumps.



As the premier interventional spine and sports medicine practice in southeastern Michigan, Enhance Center specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of spine disorders, pain management, and sports medicine.
Enhance Center is located in Livonia, Michigan, and Clinton Township, Michigan. Enhance Center has state-of-the-art equipment and facilities for procedures and treatment of patients. Included in the procedure rooms are the newest generation of ultrasound machines, EMG, and fluoroscopy. Enhance Center is proudly the first practice in the state of Michigan and the third overall in the United States to own its own GE OEC® Elite Fluoroscopy machine.

The staff at Enhance Center is committed and highly skilled in offering patients the best quality and compassionate experiences. Our providers dedicate their time during an appointments to listen and understand their patients’ needs in a relaxed and unpressured environment. 
They provide thorough exams for a complete understanding of pain generators, increasing personalized patient involvement and enhancing treatment success.

Enhance Center enjoys a cooperative relationship with many strong affiliates, such as surgeons, surgery centers, therapy facilities, and MRI facilities in the area. With proper referrals and prompt appointments, Enhance Center delivers the ultimate experience in patient happiness. 

We understand that dealing with a complicated medical condition can be overwhelming, but please know that Dr. Tarabishy is here to help. He strongly believes in providing care to every patient and never giving up hope on anyone. We are proud of ourselves for being able to assist those who have been turned away by other doctors. As a team, we are committed to improving your quality of life, relieving your pain, and providing you with peace of mind. You are not alone in this journey, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

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Serving the Southeast Michigan Area

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Sedation is available with procedures

Whiplash Injuries: Healing Neck and Spinal Trauma

Whiplash is a neck injury from sudden jerking motions, often due to impacts. It can strain or damage muscles, ligaments, discs, and nerves, causing various symptoms. Prompt treatment is crucial to prevent long-term complications.


Words from our patients

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    "Dr. Tarabishy is extremely knowledgeable, caring and understanding. I highly recommend this office for anyone struggling to live with chronic pain."

    Mary S.
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    "Dr. Tarabishy and his staff always exceed my expectations. I have received nothing but the best treatments from him. Genuine and caring."

    Verified Patient
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    "Always was available to answer all of my medical care questions. His staff are very knowledgeable and respectful. I recommend Dr. Ayman Tarabishy."

    Don J.


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