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Stem Cell Therapy


Stem Cell Therapy is a combination of treatments that capitalize your body’s own cellular material to facilitate the natural healing process. By applying the unique cellular material to the affected pain area, you can experience a significant pain reduction and an enhanced healing process.

Adipose Stem Cell (ASC) Therapy

Adipose (fat) tissue contains a concentrated quantity of cells called “mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs)”, which can convert into different types of cells in the body, including neurons, bone, muscle, cartilage, tendon.  Due to the fact that these cells exist in abundance in the adipose tissue, they can be obtained in high-dose amounts in just a couple of hours. ASCs can either be retrieved from liposuction aspirates or subcutaneous adipose tissue fragments.

There is a very low risk of rejection by your immune system when patients receive their own autologous cells.ASC’s can also have a high degree of immunomodulatory capacity, which can be great for many patients with auto-immune conditions. ASCs have been advancing rapidly in multiple clinical fields for treatment of many types of conditions.

Bone Marrow Concentrate (BMC) Therapy

A significant amount of stem cells in our body are found in bone marrow. By harvesting blood and tissue from the bone marrow in the hip, we can produce an injectable product by concentrating platelets and cells withdrawn through a quick and simple outpatient process. The procedure is done using local anesthetic, and in some cases sedation.

Bone Marrow Concentrate contains all of the growth and healing factors in platelet-rich plasma, as well as with stem cells. These cells further help with the regenerative process.

BMC has been proven by multiple studies to reduce pain and swelling, and improve the healing of articular cartilage and bone. With BMC, the strength of the regenerative cells provides more robust healing of the damaged tissue and aids in growth and repair by accelerating the body’s natural healing mechanism.

Biological Stem Cell Therapy

During the aging process, our bodies deal with their natural degeneration. This process happens in different levels for each person, and we try different ways to fight it.  A non-surgical stem cell therapy is used as an effective and safe way to challenge the aging process.

The stem cells are un-programmed cells in our body, that can develop into multiple cell types. Stem cells are also advancing in the new field “regenerative medicine”. Stem cells can develop to become bone, cartilage, muscle or other specific types of cells, and as a result, they are able to treat effectively many diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Parkinson’s, as well as musculoskeletal disorders including osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.

The stem cell therapy is a minimally invasive, non-surgical treatment that improves musculoskeletal injuries and age-related degenerative problems. The procedure uses the patient’s own stem cells, harvested from fat or bone marrow to enhance the natural healing process of damaged ligaments, cartilage, tissues, tendons, and spinal discs. It is a positive and preferred alternative for patients considering elective surgery or joint replacement to treat an injury or arthritis.  Stem cells have the ability to self-renew and give the potential for groups of tissues to replace diseased and damaged areas, with very low risk of rejection or experiencing side effects.

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